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Acuity limited is a property management company dedicated to making owning investment properties as hassle-free as possible, as we handle most of the day-to-day tasks. We are one of the most trusted full-service property management companies in Kenya providing exceptional service to our clients.

Our property managers are well versed in residential, multi-family, and commercial property management. We offer comprehensive rental property management services to help you manage your investments.


  • Commercial Property Management

Commercial real estate can be a great investment, but only if it’s managed properly. Coordinating commercial property management and maintenance can demand a substantial amount of time – time better spent on your business. A better alternative? Acuity limited.

Our name has been synonymous with sharpness of vision, reliable, customized service to clients buying, selling, and managing investment property for short and long-term value. We also provide expert property maintenance, giving you one source for all your property needs.


  • Residential Property Management

With the dynamic occupancy rates and vast demographic, multi-family housing commonly known as Estate offers unique challenges. Because recent economic conditions have increased vacancy rates, it’s essential to provide quality and value that retains residents. However, it’s equally vital to invest wisely in improvements and promotions that attract new residents, particularly as the market rebounds. Acuity limited excels in meeting both objectives.

Whether your community includes 10 units or 200 units, we can manage all aspects of the property with excellence- from marketing and leasing to maintenance and corresponding with tenants. We have our very own maintenance division for coordinating any repairs and renovations needed.

Our Full Service Property Management includes;
  • Comprehensive Tenant Screening
  • Experienced, Tailored Property Marketing
  • Security Deposit Accounting
  • Transition Services (Move checklists, inspection)
  • Comprehensive Legal Forms
  • Rent Collection, Financial account management
  • Monthly Detailed Statements of Activity
  • Property Evaluations
  • Oversight of Routine Property Maintenance
  • Free Rental Consultations
  • Experience, Experience, Experience 
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