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Acuity is so confident that your tenants will be some of the most responsible, and reliable people, we give Owners the absolute BEST tenant guarantee in the industry! When it comes to tenant screening, we do our homework so you can have peace-of-mind knowing that your property is in responsible hands.

If ANY tenant placed and managed by Acuity is evicted for any reason, or skips before the end of any active lease agreement with Acuity, regardless of the term of the lease, we will find a replacement tenant for free.

Acuity will find replacement tenants at no charge to the Owner, provided that Acuity continues to lease and manage the home. The Tenant Guarantee ONLY applies to new tenant placement costs and does NOT cover eviction costs, lost rent from vacancy, or any other damages, which shall be addressed using the tenant security deposit.

Acuity will help you make the highest total return on your investment, and will help you sleep at night knowing your home is managed by one of the Top property management companies in the country.

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